The Tunisian Fanconi Anemia Study Group (GETAF) was created in 1998 and updated in 2009. This group is currently made up of hematologists, pediatricians, cytogeneticists and scientists from the north, center and south of Tunisia. The main objective of the group is to improve the care of patients with Fanconi anemia in Tunisia and their families through:

  • The creation of the Tunisian FA Registery TFAR by retrospective and prospective registration of FA patients in Tunisia.
  • The standardization of cytogenetic diagnostic protocols for patients with FA.
  • The Standardization of diagnosis, therapeutic management and surveillance of patients with FA in Tunisia.
  • The development of other diagnostic techniques for the disease which are of interest to patients or their families: in the case of donated marrow, for post-transplant follow-up, for prenatal diagnosis, …etc.
  • The development of clinical and biological research protocols.

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